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Yeoman Weddings
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Sarah Arnoff Yeoman Photojournalist

Yeoman Weddings is a subsidiary of Yeoman Photo, which does a lot of things. I split my time between Portland and Salt Lake City, but am always available for travel--honestly, I'll be out and about anyway. You can check out my other work via these links:

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Hey There

I'm Sarah Arnoff Yeoman, a photojournalist, travel and wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah. My journey in photography started when I was a teenager tinkering with old cameras and shooting cheap film. My journey in hiking and backpacking started when I was just 2 (according to my parents, who insist they carted me around Utah's national parks in a baby carrier. I don't remember any of this). But since then I've traveled to majestic and wondrous places throughout the world that I do remember, and I love sharing these places with couples I get to photograph--especially the ones right in my backyard.

My wedding style is very much influenced by my experiences working for newspapers and magazines and traveling the world. I emphasize moments and good storytelling above all else to create images that reflect your personalities. I strive to create a relaxed and stress-free experience to get the best candid and natural photos.

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