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Family narratives are wonderfully dynamic. I love documenting the complexities, beauty, and moments of everyday life.

Sarah Arnoff Yeoman Photojournalist

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I'm Sarah Arnoff Yeoman, a documentary, travel and commercial photographer based in Portland, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah. My journey in photography started when I was a teenager tinkering with old cameras and shooting cheap film. After a career as a linguist, I worked with newspapers and magazines for awhile before jumping into freelancing. My experiences in the journalism world directly influence how I tell stories for every single client I have, whether they are a business, couple, or family.

My passion for good food and good people combined with my food magazine past led me to create The Family Cookbook to help families preserve their important culinary heritage. Much of my documentary work examines identity and heritage, which is why I focus on family reunions and adoption stories, as well as capturing images for families tracing their roots cross-country or overseas.

I’m entrenched in the West, enamored with wide open spaces, and avidly follow Leave No Trace principles. With a penchant for off-the-beaten-path travel, you can find my husband and I traversing the country and the world (see below) and we’re always open to suggestions on where we should go next.

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No matter where we end up in the world, my husband has made it his life’s mission to photograph me taking photos. Yeah, meta, I know.