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A Guide to your rugged elopement


  1. Plan ahead & prepare | 2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces | 3. Dispose of waste properly | 4. Leave what you find | 5. Minimize campfire impact | 6. Respect wildlife | 7. Be considerate of others


Here's a brief look into how I'll help consult on your adventurous elopement location, give you beautiful photographs and an unforgettable experience all while marveling at and respecting the places we end up.


how minimal do you want to go?

Deciding how small you'd like your day to be affects one of the most important aspects: location. And location affects everything else — transportation, timing, even what you wear. Do you just want to say your vows with each other on a windswept mountain? Or is your elopement kinda sorta not really and elopement but more of a tiny ceremony with one or two close friends as witnesses? Are you incorporating any decor or flowers? These are the initial questions we'll go over while getting to know one another in our first meeting/Skype call to explore the possibilities.

where to?

The thing they don't tell you about tying the knot in Zion National Park or Horseshoe Bend or any other popular Instagram-worthy location is that they are popular. At certain times of year, it can be like standing in line at Disneyland just to quickly take a picture. That is not how your wedding day should go, and this is where my specialty comes in. I put a lot of time and effort into location research and scouting, and physical maps are my best friends (though Google is great, too). After determining your vision, I'll dive into my resources to help you find the perfect place. Logistics are unromantic, but this is one of my key services. I might be a creative photographer but there's a part of me that just loves a good spread sheet.

Already have an elopement spot in mind? We'll work out the best way to embrace the location with minimal impact.


Safety is my primary concern whenever I'm photographing in rural and rugged locations. Cell phones rarely work where I go, so it pays to be prepared with proper gear, water and clothes. You'll receive a list of recommended items after booking and location selection. Flexibility is also a must since we are slaves to the weather. I keep a meticulous eye on the weather in the days leading up to your elopement, and recommend choosing back up locations in case it's nasty and rescheduling is not an option. I'm happy to reschedule depending on availability, but keep in mind that summer and fall are particularly busy seasons.

Back-up plans are also something we'll talk in depth about during our meetings.

And because Mother Nature is boss, it's our responsibility to keep the land neat and tidy. Before heading back to the car after your amazing ceremony, we'll packing out everything we lugged in, even biodegradable items. We are tiny blips in this land's existence and my goal is to keep it that way.


A note on international elopements

Long-distance travel is ingrained in my system, but international elopements do require a bit more planning ahead. I might need as much as one month's notice to get your itinerary down and hop on a plane, possibly longer if you are venturing to a country that requires visas, work permits, and special vaccinations. So it doesn't hurt to contact me early, especially if you are eloping during my busy season (typically May through October).


one last thing

Just to be clear, I am not an elopement planner. I am a photographer with extensive travel and trekking experience who consults couples on finding fantastic elopement locations and how to get them there in addition to making sure you have incredible images and memories. Though I can recommend eco-friendly vendors and travel resources, you are ultimately responsible for all flowers, decor, passes, travel documents, marriage documents and any other item you wish to have during your special day.

That being said...

I am so excited to get to know you as a couple and as adventurers.

I cannot wait to give you amazing photographs.