Bookstore Family Sesh

There are so many elements that combine to make great family photos. I am constantly on the lookout for energy and connection between the people I’m photographing, and when families ask me what sort of activities they can do to keep their kids occupied and get “the shot,” I often just help them list out a number of things they like to do together. One of the most popular is reading books together, so what better place to do a session than a bookstore? Small, local bookstores are perfect for quiet but fun sessions. When I popped down to California for a quick visit and booked a session with the super cute Krug family and their twin girls, and found out they love reading, I knew we were going to have a great time. I found Island Tales Bookshop in Newport Beach and it was the perfect spot for this family. We had the place to ourselves and captured some beautiful and genuine moments. I’ve since learned that Island Tales closed up shop, but there are tons of local bookstores that could use your support and love! If interested in having your session in a bookstore or other establishment, I recommend doing two things first: 1. Absolutely, 100% get permission to photograph there first. The last thing you want is to have your session stopped in its tracks before you even start shooting. 2. Schedule your session during off-peak hours. Ask the owners what time is best to take some photos. This way, you won’t disturb other patrons and you’ll have some privacy yourself.

Take a look at the sweet Krug family session below!

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