Greek Christmas Cookies: Melomakorona | The Family Cookbook

Back in the kitchen again with Utah Greek food blogger Eleni Saltas. This time I had the pleasure of documenting her and her grandma make a traditional Greek honey cookie called melomakorona. These two ladies were an assembly line of cookie creation! I think they pumped out 120 cookies in the few hours we had together, but I won’t be surprised if those delicious snacks are gone within the day. Baked until just firm, then dipped in honey and sprinkled with walnuts, melomakorona are sweet desserts you’ll want all year round—Christmas in July, anyone?

Normally when I’m doing a Family Cookbook session, there’s a lot going on: kids, adults, grandparents all doing something in the kitchen. With Eleni and Yiayia Maria, it was so wonderful to capture the intimate bond between grandmother and granddaughter.

Check out the photos below, and get the full recipe and instructions on Eleni’s blog.

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