Mountain Family Photos in Provo

This is about as close as I can get to a “traditional” family photo session. The ever-adventurous Morningstar family trekked up to a special spot near Provo to capture some images that took advantage of the beautiful fall scenery. Now here’s the thing about most of the families I work with: They can’t sit still. Everyone has something going on and wide open mountain fields are way too tempting to just stand around in. This is what I work with best, being able to run around with your fam and capture who you really are. No, this isn’t a typical documentary-style session I normally shoot, but it was just as fun. We frolicked, we ran wild, somehow a giant dead branch joined the family portrait, it was a blur. And at the end, I lugged out my large-format old-fashioned camera and snagged a few shots with vintage flair.

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