Preserving Simple Shabbat Dishes


Sometimes the foods most special to us aren’t necessarily the ones had during big holiday meals or once-a-year get-togethers. Sometimes the dishes that absolutely must be included in your family cookbook are the ones you make on a regular basis. For Esther and Mattias and their adorable two kids, the foods we decided to document during their session are staples at their sabbath table: challah and tcholent. This session was a beautiful and intimate time where the kids popped in and out of the moment while parents cooked away while chatting. Mattias is originally from Sweden and met Esther while in Jerusalem training to be a Rabbi. Now they call Portland home, and their weekly Shabbat tradition includes cooking with the whole family. Challah is a traditional braided bread, and tcholent is a beef stew comprising of whatever is on hand, usually potatoes, barley, parsley and other vegetables. Take a look at their fun session, and brainstorm your must-have everyday dishes to include in your cookbook.


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